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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  September 8, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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in trouble with the law. our diana rocco is at the federal courthouse in camden to tell us more bit, diane. >> reporter: ukee and jessica one of the central functions here in camden is to help the homeless deal with their addiction, and issues. tonight several authorities say howell miller was leading a double life, by day he was selling drugs, to the very people, that he was working at night to help. joseph howell a overnight male and female shelter in camden have been rock by allegation that is one of their employees has been dealing crack and heroin, in what federal investigators are calling a drug market. >> we believe it has absolutely nothing to do with our program, other then through howell, whatever he was doing, and we're going to move or the on. >> reporter: howell miller, program coordinator by joseph's house was a arrested september 1st for dealing drugs in east camden. the the executive director, john kline, says miller was leading a double life allegedly selling drugs by day, and then acting as an
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overnight chap roane to the 80 plus guests that they offer beds and a warm meal. miller works at joseph's house for year and a half trying to establish relationship with the homeless and direct them to programs to get them off of the street. before that he work for volunteers of america. >> we have absolutely no evidence, a and there are absolutely no allegations to support that either staff or guests was involved. there is something, apparently mr. miller ran on his own. >> reporter: and joseph house says they are working with their sponsor, and their community organizations to deal with this issue. miller has been charged with running a drug operation out of east camden, he is now in the custody of the federal authorities and looking at several years behind bars. we're live from camden tonight, i'm diana rocco for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". now to the story of heroes in action, emergency responders pull a driver hurt but alive from his car after he spent more than nine hours, down a ravine in lower
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merion. "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson has the dramatic video and more from the rescuers brought that man to safety. >> the carries mangled. i was surprised he was alive to be honest with you. >> reporter: that was first thought narberth paramedic jonathan had upon coming upon this scene when he had to cast aside for his second thought. >> at that point we knew we had to get him out. there wasn't going to be an easy way to do it. >> reporter: nothing about this tuesday morning rescue was easy, including the discovery, that started when lower merion police say one of their officers spotted a a strange shape in the bottom of this creek tuesday morning shortly after 4:00. police say a man in his 20's veered off the road at grace lane in mill creek road, and the car destroyed. the driver was pinned in just he had been since 7:00 o'clock monday night. after nine hours of darkness, the scene flooded with more than 501st responders. >> give him first aid, stabilize the car, cut the roof and doors off to get to the individual.
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once we did that then they had rescue companies that had to get the dashboard unrolled off of him. >> reporter: finally have after an hour cutting out victim scaling the creek bed and safely working around all of the debris he was free, as most they might describe those actions a as heroic. >> not at all, just a job. >> reporter: report this is the scene and you can see why crew where is so shocked to find the man alive, right here, near the the rocks, the the drop, the running water, crew had to deal with this for over an hour to extract that victim. we are at not sure what the condition is at this point, all i'm toll is it is a male in his 20's. an ardmore resident. he is in the hospital and thanks to first responders, i'm told he is expected to recover. reporting from lower merion, i'm steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". amazing work there. massive brush fire in burlington county is now about 55 percent contained, chopper three over the scene in wood land township, this is in the area of woodmancy road north
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of route 72. fire had been burning since yesterday. it spread about 1,000 acres. fortunately there are no homes or structures in danger here. officials say they believe the fire will be contained by the end of the day. just 18 days and counting until the visit of pope francis and excitement across our region is growing about this historic visit. tickets for pope's speech at independent mall were up for grabs and they were gone in just two minutes. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos joins us from independent in mall with more, greg. >> reporter: let's talk numbers. 10,000 tickets, gone in just two minutes and archdiocese says that some 394,000 people logged on to the web site trying to get their hand on some of them. >> good morning saint monica's. >> reporter: good morning, jena had her handful,
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literally. >> yes. >> reporter: answering questions from parishioners at saint monica's catholic church in south philadelphia. i will give you call when tickets get here. >> reporter: dozens of people wanting to reserve papal passes for sunday's mass. >> phones are ringing off the hook. can we come and get them. should we call back. >> reporter: the clock is ticking closer to noon time when the diocese was releasing 10,000 tickets to pope francis address at independent mall. >> it has been awesome. people are so excited. >> reporter: that excitement obviously shown through interest in those saturday tickets. when the clock struck 12, thousands of people logged on to the world meeting of families web site to try their luck at reserving those free passes. it is quarter after 12:00, some 15 minutes since these ticket went on sale and we have check web site and right here take a look the tickets are una available. the archdiocese said they were gone within 120 seconds just
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two minutes and nearly 400,000 people logged on to the site to try to get them within two minutes these 10,000 tickets railroad taken. are you surprise by that. >> very shocked. >> reporter: shocked but happy, business owner dan amean says this demand hopefully indicates large crowds. >> i am at seventh and market. >> reporter: of course work this incredible demand there are people trying to take advantage. in fact, within minutes of these tickets selling out secondary sites like craigs list people were putting ads and try to sell these tickets for as much as $500. once again these were completely free. we're live in olde city, i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". stay with eye "eyewitness news" for everything you need to know. when we are not on television go on line at cbs is there a link to the guide right there on the home page. by some estimates papal visit crowd will be more than
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ten times that of made in america and the the festival was a success, some music lovers complained of spotty cell phone services. "eyewitness news" reporter, al solomon is live with more on what these cell phone companies are saying. >> jessica, good evening. verizon tells me this did not have any significant issues. they saw minor problems but they are working to resolve them. i spoke with the woman who worked in this neighborhood and she has a different carrier. she had problems all weekend. >> i just had a hard time getting any connection. >> reporter: for natalie, of fairmount getting cell phone service during made in america was a challenge. >> making calls and they are not going through. >> reporter: but shariff didn't attend she just happens to live nearby. >> during the concert. >> pretty much the whole weekend, i had some off and on issues. >> reporter: 56,000 music goers pack ben franklin
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parkway. >> made in america, i cannot imagine what it the will be like with the pope coming. >> reporter: on tuesday afternoon michael nutter said he was aware of reports of cell network complaints. >> sometimes it goes, and sometimes it doesn't. so, you know, it is kind of what happened with technology. having said that, we will work with the carriers about their systems. we don't run them, we don't own them, we don't operate them but we do want them to work. >> reporter: verizon spokesmen sean o'malley said they had minor network issues but they are working to resolve em. >> what we saw down here over the weekend was not our fully optimized network. we are planning to do some things. >> reporter: char hoy uses sprint says despite cell issues she's not complaint. >> i hear a couple tries making a call that didn't go through, eventually it did go through. >> reporter: although she's thinking during the papal visit she may just avoid crowds and excitement all
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together and skip town. and one of the big carriers are doing they are setting up these mobile cell phone sites and we are showing you this live, they call them towers. verizon told me today even after pope francis has come and gone they hope to keep them around to improve cell phone services in the future. reporting live, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> real, thanks very much. welcome back home to fill and a welcome to the "eyewitness news" family. glad to have you, see you soon. >> thank you, ukee. suspect arrested on drug charges takes a jaw dropping mug shot in delaware. >> he ace accused of selling heroin while carrying his infant daughter on the 1300 block of mapel avenue on monday. the 31 year-old was in possession of 29 bags of heroin and 12 doses of a controlled substance. the child was not harm. this man, barry beenick ace accused of a hammer attack in warminster bucks county. forty-five year-old was armed with the knife when he hit a
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man in the back of the head with the hammer. another person who tried to intervene was allegedly shoved to the ground by benek and that person suffered a broken arm. police have in the released a motive for that attack. stale head a bed bug scare spreading like an infestation on the internet. alexandria? >> reporter: yeah, we're here at septa headquarters, and separate fact from the fiction because just like the test this issue extend far behind the bugs, we will have more on this. coming up. he is man of the hour, late show with stephen colbert premiers tonight but first i'll sit down and find out what it is like to see his name in lights. kate. captain wait for. that we have got some rain, finally it has been a very dry stretch of the weather but now this front ace approaching and will bring chance for showers and thunderstorms i'll tell you when and at the time we have an end to the extreme heat coming up in weather, hey, leslie. six days way before chip kelly begins his third season with the bird, a a monday night match up in atlanta, and
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what did penn state do with the tapes of the saturday game with temple. trying to get rid of the evidence. we will have more in sports.
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social media is a bus after photos of bed bugs on septa. >> now more photos are coming out and concern among some writers is rising. "eyewitness news", reporter alexandria hoff is at septa headquarters with more on this, alex. >> reporter: over the weekend septa pulled three buses from their route six line out of circulation to be clean. now since then rumors have been swirling about additional sightings, septa has not confirmed that nor have they pulled any bus from circulation. septa tells "eyewitness news" that they have run ins with bed bugs about twice a year, rare they say for number of people that they move through the city but for those same people they are obviously concerned when it comes to a photo like this going viral showing what are, indeed, bed bugs, according to martin overline. >> i started out in the you had air force back in the 70's as their bed bug killer. >> reporter: overline head the cities bed bug task force and
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owner of the pest management company. >> i cannot keep up with the the calls for bed bugs. >> reporter: he says with the start of the school year coupled with the upcoming world meeting of families, it is not just septa that need to step up their game. >> bed bugs travel in peoples personal belongings. fact we have so many people coming here i'm sure some will be bringing their bed bugs with them. >> reporter: there is a local company hoping to prevent that. >> when a bed bug walks across us, bed buggies able to pick up ingredient off fabric and gets in the body and that is when we start seeing effects. >> reporter: based in ambler allergy technology is gaining attention for those planning to rent out their homes and bed. >> it can go on top of the mattress or, you can imagine it can go under the mattress. >> reporter: would this work on buses. according to septa they are in the process of transitioning from fabric zoo et cetera to molded plastic to stop any future customer concerns. >> there were probably the best hitchhiking bug on the planet. they know how to hitchhike
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septa tells me if the rider believes they see any pest on while on a us about it is not enough to take a photo and up load to it facebook. they have to make sure they write down the bus number and report that immediately to septa. reporting live, from center city, alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". best hitchhiking bug. >> big night here on cbs-3, we are hearst from the premiere have the late show with stephen colbert. >> give you a live look at the he had sullivan theater new with a new name and new face ovulate night. taping is going on this evening and will debut tonight at 11:35. recently i sat down with steven for a one on one interview and steven is a veteran ovulate night after hosting the colbert report on comedy central for ten seasons but taking over the late show is a whole new ballgame. >> doing the story when they change the mar kay. i said thinks his show now. >> they lit up the marquis at night. that was pretty significant.
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to have the honor to take over, first to be on that stage where mr. letterman was, and on to take over the show that dave created 25 years ago, that takes a little while to sink in. >> i necessity that is right. >> you can see more of ukee's interview, funny, serious, you'll laugh, you'll cry. then premiere of the late show with stephen colbert his opening night guest is george clooney and g.o.p. presidential candidate jeb bush at 11:35. just watch us at 11:00. >> yes. >> don't cry if the you are singing. >> little impromptu thing. >> tune in the at 11:00, good stuff. >> good stuff indeed. >> that is right. >> how is it outside. >> looking nice. if you don't mine the heat, and for next 15 days or so, so enjoy it while we have it. hot for now but it will change, we will have a cold front heading our way, finally much needed rain and then, welcome cool down through
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weekend, lets look at is what happening right now, nothing cool about this evening. temperatures are still in the 90's, we have got blue skies, straight cumulus cloud out there looking toward new jersey side of things from the cbs-3 studios in spring garden street toward delaware river. storm scan three is clear for the moment because we are hard pressed to find a cloud in the sky, full sunshine but we have this front approaching from the west. it is pre duesing showers, storms across the great lakes and that will progress toward us, starting tomorrow we will get some, showers and storms to pop out ahead of the front but frontal passage is not the until thursday. what is a head still hot for your wednesday with isolated thunderstorm. thursday is day to watch for showers and storms. much needed rain in store for thursday, if we get enough of it. storms will be scattered in nature. some spots could do better than others with regard to rainfall. friday much less humid, sun will return by afternoon and weekend some sun turning cooler with the chance for showers returning to the forecast on sunday.
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temperatures right now, 91 with the airport we are at nine in trenton. hot 92 in allentown. future weather shows clear skies through tonight but tomorrow morning watch for fog in the morning. then sun will peak out, is there noon, watch for scattered showers and storms late tomorrow evening, even overnight tonight into thursday and thursday afternoon we will get rain and thunder. heavier rain right now in this particular model is south and east and it could happen for anyone across the the area steady rain possible, late thursday before that front then clears the coast. thursday certainly our best chance of rain this week. 20 percent chance for wednesday. 90 percent chance on thursday and then rain chances decrease by end of the week and weekend. we need rain. we are 3.45 inches below average since august 1st, no measurable rain here since august the 20th. overnight mainly clear, warm, muggy, 74 degrees. wednesday hot and humid with that stray thunderstorm and then eyewitness weather seven day forecast and shore cast keeps it hot tomorrow.
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86 degrees on thursday. still steamy thursday but not as hot, friday sun returns, less humid, saturday looks great, watch for couple showers late, sunday but notice how cool it is sunday and monday. upper 70's will feel autumnal compared to what we have right now outside. >> it is amazing how 12 degrees can make a difference. >> huge difference. >> thanks, katie very much. tonight at 11:00 we will have cameras and when something catches your eye we hit record but this local girl says that she was assaulted and held by security at a local concert because she shot this video. cws3 investigates tonight at 11:00.
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fly eagles fly, the the journey begins tomorrow. >> six days, and when it count for real. >> yes, let's do it. >> they have been enjoying
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their day off before preparing foresees on opener monday night. bird defense, faces a tough test against matt ryan and falcons offense. challenge is stopping eagles offense and looked pretty unstoppable this preseason. >> you know, the things that they have implemented, and, our style of play and that is what we did, you know, throughout the preseason. we are looking forward to the regular season and getting at the guys. >> college football after saturday's loss, penn state buried the tape of the game. seriously with the shovel. owls returned to the practice field after saturday's historic win, they sacked christian hackenberg ten times in that 27-ten victory. they will need another effort on saturday when they take on the best team in the conference, cincinnati. >> i know our seniors, lost three years in a row and they don't want to do. that real game. it will be white out. 8:00 o'clock game. we practice in the morning. it is always a challenge to
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play at night. we will be ready. any other questions, how we will get there. we will be ready. is ready good enough. >> game two tonight at bank between phillies and braves. aaron nola on the hundred dollars for fightins. phillies drop their fifth straight game as they beat them seven-two. aaron harang gave up five runs on eight hits and five runs of hit. sixteen starts, one-12 with the 7.15 era. hard to believe, hockey season just around the corner. today at wells fargo center they started painting ice. flyers will start next week and first preseason game is at the center september 22nd. >> wow. >> i love hockey. >> new coach, new attitude, let's do it. >> game on. >> got that right. we will be right back. i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] my name is phil zietlow, and i've been an engineer on the cheerios team
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well, is there a biggest lose's monk philadelphia's bravest. >> retired fire fighter steven hats won a weight loss competition between philadelphia fire and police departments. this is the 29th year of the battle of the badges competition. while the police department won this years competition as a whole the fire department still leads, 15-14. everybody is a winner. >> that is great. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on the cw philly and back here at cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, sibling rivalry, u.s. open, michelle miller is at arthur ash stadium as venous williams takes on sister serena and grand slam title. here is nora o'donnell in for scott pelley, take care family we are see you later tonight.
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>> kim davis is free. >> o'donnell: the clerk who refused to givemarriage licenses to same-sex couples is released from jail with a warning, but will she heed it? also tonight, sabotage at sea, who we caught stopping a boat load of desperate refugees, including children, from reaching safety. the pope makes it easier to get an annulment. and opening night for stephen colbert. is he nervous? >> if i don't get a little bit nervous, then i'm not trying. i should be sweating a little bit by the the time it's over. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> o'donnell: good evening, scott is on assignment. i'm norah o'donnell. few americans had ever heard of rowan county, kentucky, much


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